JuneWarren Nickle's Energy Group. Lead graphic designer Oilsands Review Working as the Lead Graphic Designer for Oilsands Review magazine I learned a great deal about the publishing industry and my ability to use my strengths as a designer to improve an existing product and foster creative camaraderie amongst my team. My work with JWN was nominated for an Alberta Magazine Publisher's Association Award and two national Kenneth R. Wilson Awards. Working with what some might call "boring" or "tedious" subject matter, I refused to let that pre-conceived notion dictate how my publication should look. I worked hard with my editor to translate her passion and drive for a polarizing industry into something visually stimulating for our readers. The result—Atypical visuals and layouts that remained on-brand while still encouraging the higher-ups in the company to step outside of their comfort zone and not be afraid to be bold and take pride in their product.
Sanguinex consumption grade blood products Imagine a world where vampires existed; There would be a market for consumption grade blood products. This project takes the standard University of Alberta BDes catalogue project a step further. I'm always looking at how I take a brief and use it to further my skills and comfort level with various different design and marketing practices. I came up with the product concepts and copy, packaging design, branding and catalogue layout for a fictitious company that catered to a vampire demographic. The end result is a bloody believable piece of print work that brings life to a fanciful consumer scenario.
Modern Mounts Taxidermy Conference A visual identity for a new-age taxidermy conference which rediscovers the beauty of taxidermy from the Victorian era and applies today's groundbreaking technologies. The Modern Mounts taxidermy conference attendee is not your typical taxidermist or stuffed-wildlife enthusiast. They romanticize the craft and admire its academic and preservationist qualities rather then just a means to display a trophy kill. This visual identity plays to that sense of academia and natural history by using imagery of the sublime wilderness to compliment the high level of craftsmanship the conference is renowned for.
Break Dance Project Uganda visual identity Breakdance Project Uganda is a grassroots project in Uganda that uses breakdance and community to promote positive social change. The requirements of the brief were to create a visual identity that had a strong hip-hop flavour yet was still Ugandan at its core. The grey crowned crane is the official bird of Uganda and its plumage lent itself well to a graphic treatment. Promotional materials also needed to be low-tech and easy to reproduce for an organization with limited access to resources. The use of a stencil system was therefore implemented, giving the visual identity and even stronger sense of authenticity.
Hong Kong rebranding An exercise in rebranding and using modular elements to represent traditional and culturally relevant imagery with an updated and contemporary twist. This was a University of Alberta BDes project created in cooperation with students of the Hong Kong Design Institute who served as critics, editors and cultural ambassadors.