Papercut Monsters Plush Toys
Papercut Monsters started out as simple illustration project that snowballed and grew into something much bigger—and cuddlier. Starting its life as a paper collage each design is then scanned and printed onto a soft and durable linen-cotton canvas blend to create the custom textiles that make Papercut Monsters so special. Adored by children and kids-at-heart alike these beasties became a must-have at local craft sales, garnering write-ups in The Edmonton Journal and Avenue magazine and an appearance on Breakfast Television.
Anthropologie Windows and Display As the Display Coordinator I created an unimagined shopping experience for the Anthro customer at Vancouver's bustling South Granville location. I had the pleasure of taking each season's big-picture display goals and applying them to our unique retail floorplan and space to create an immersive shopping experience with playful touches and Anthropologie's distinct wit and flare. I was also a member of the travelling display team for the new Winnipeg store opening.
Corri Computer Speakers Created in partnership with fellow designer Ariana Shadlyn, Corri is a prototype set of wireless computer speakers. We we wanted to create a versatile product that was put the emphasis not only on form, but function as well. The speakers are able to nest together and can be repositioned into a variety of configurations. The main focal point of the speakers is the volume knob which is enlarged and exaggerated. It uses a scrolling motion to change volume levels rather than the traditional clockwise/counterclockwise motion. It's name is based on the idea of a core or pit, much like an avocado.
Chalk Rock Children's Stool Oh what fun! An amorphous form with a chalkboard surface. Is it a stool? An easel? A fire-breathing dragon? It all depends on the imaginations of youngsters. This fine piece of furniture was crafted as part of my industrial design training at the University of Alberta. It's surprisingly comfortable though its many angles and facets would have you think otherwise. It's writeable blackboard surface is a huge hit with kids and parents alike and provides endless playtime possibilities